Maintaining ties to the community


Chapter 4.1

Aboriginal Relations

Since our earliest days, we have recognized the importance of understanding the communities in which we operate, and worked to accommodate their interests, and support local Aboriginal people wherever possible.

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Chapter 4.2

Community and Stakeholder Relations

Communication and transparency are key to our work. We aim to earn and maintain the support of our stakeholders by sharing information, and seeking ideas, input and feedback on our plans in a manner that fosters cooperation and mutual trust.

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Chapter 4.3


As one of Alberta’s top employers, we believe in having strong employee programs and support for a wide range of labour pool development initiatives, including those designed to increase Aboriginal representation and diversity in our workforce.

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Chapter 4.4

Labour Relations

We’re creating initiatives to develop and train more skilled workers in Canada. As workers retire and the demands for tradespeople increases, we continue to focus on making strategic investments that encourage youth to choose trades as a career.

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Chapter 4.5

Safety and Health

Nobody gets hurts. Everyone stays healthy. These are our ultimate objectives for our workers at Syncrude.

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