Responsible Oil Sands


Chapter 3.1


Learn more about our role in mitigating impacts on regional biodiversity aspects, such as wildlife habitat, bird migration and overall ecosystem health.

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Chapter 3.2

Air Quality

Syncrude is committed to responsibly managing our operations and implementing new processes and technologies to help maintain air emissions and protect human and ecological health in the years ahead.

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Chapter 3.3

Climate Change

Through our commitment to operational reliability, as well as continued investment in research to develop incremental and breakthrough technologies, we are continuing to find ways to minimize the growth of GHGs produced in our operations.

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Chapter 3.4

Land Reclamation

Our policy is to ensure the land disturbed by our operations is returned to a stable, safe condition as quickly as feasible, and that it is capable of supporting biologically self-sustaining communities of plants and animals.

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Chapter 3.5

Tailings Management

Tailings management is among the most critical issues facing industry today. That’s why we’ve put in decades of research and development that will reduce our storage volumes and reincorporate tailings into healthy, productive reclaimed landscapes.

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Chapter 3.6

Water Management

We are committed to going beyond the status quo in our water conservation efforts, despite already being well below our licensed withdrawal limit. Improvements in technology and processes continue to reduce our impact on the Athabasca River watershed.

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