2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
Total land disturbed - mine and plant site footprint (cumulative hectares) 20,565 21,912 24,289 25,265 25,858
Soils placed – land available for revegetation (hectares)1 1,025 1,216 1,202
Temporary reclamation (hectares)2 452 422 690
Permanent land reclaimed (hectares per year)1 139 32 64 130 176 (target)
200 (achieved)
Permanent land reclaimed (cumulative hectares)1, 3, 4 3,409 3,441 3,505 3,572 3,186
Tree and shrub seedlings planted (annual) 459,075 161,780 142,970 249,821 355,780
  1. In 2010, the Government of Alberta established a new definition for "permanent reclamation." For an area to be considered reclaimed, the definition states it must be revegetated in accordance with government-approved plans. Syncrude's prior definition of a reclaimed area was land that, at a minimum, had been shaped, formed, capped with soil and ready for revegetation. This change resulted in the reclassification of land previously reported by Syncrude in our reclamation numbers. We have amended our reclamation numbers to ensure consistency with government reports.
  2. In 2011, 338 hectares of bison pasture land formerly considered permanent reclamation were reclassified as temporary reclamation.
  3. Includes land certified by the Alberta Government.
  4. Numbers include the addition of all newly reclaimed areas as well as any reclamation losses due to redisturbance that may occur. Every effort is made to minimize disturbance of reclaimed areas; however, by progressively reclaiming we may reclaim areas that are later required for operations.

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