2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
GHGs - millions of tonnes
(as per Environment Canada quantification guidelines)1, 4
12.736 11.775 11.666 12.721 12.873
GHGs - millions of tonnes
(as per Specified Gas Emitters Regulation)2, 3, 4
11.097 10.404 10.007 11.091 11.236
GHGs – tonnes CO2e per barrel produced2, 3, 4 0.099 0.095 0.097 0.102 0.106
  1. As reported to Environment Canada. Emission calculations for the purpose of provincial and federal regulatory reporting will differ, as certain sources of emissions are excluded.
  2. CO2 equivalent emissions reported include all Syncrude sources (net of industrial process, biomass, and waste and wastewater emissions) as reported to the Government of Alberta under the Specified Gas Emitters Regulation (SGER). These estimates have been restated from previous years due to Alberta Environment calculation methodology changes. At the direction of the Climate Change Secretariat, Syncrude estimated the amount of hydrogen that was either vented, flared, or combusted and reallocated emissions attributable to the production of hydrogen.
  3. Syncrude's GHG emission estimates were subject to two independent audits in 2009, the first by the Alberta Auditor General and the second to satisfy the 'Third party Review' required by the SGER.
  4. Syncrude is a large producer of electricity and is a net exporter to the Alberta grid. Syncrude exported 274,000 Megawatt hours of electricity in 2010 and 201,000 hours in 2011. Emissions from electrical power generation are included in the Syncrude total and are part of the intensity calculated on a per-barrel produced basis.

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