Leaders Letter

07.30.2012 @ Syncrude Technology Centre, Keyano College

Scott Sullivan

President and CEO

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“Land reclamation and tailings are at the heart of the oil sands discussion, and stakeholders are rightly interested in our strategies for managing these.

I think we can meet their expectations. We have an active, focused research program and also a very active implementation plan at our site. We're developing landscape features very consistent with what we found at the beginning of development. What's more, we're working with Syncrude's owners on a nearly $2 billion tailings management strategy and this will allow us to effectively manage our tailings for many years to come.”

Our Sustainability Path

08.13.2012 @ The Snye, Downtown Fort McMurray

Kara Flynn

Vice President, Government & Public Affairs

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“We seek feedback from all levels of governments, Aboriginal communities, our employees and environmental organizations. We also gauge broad public opinion through media coverage. Now, we're vetting our management systems to ensure we have appropriate programs, policies and performance targets to address potential issues. Doing this will help ensure Syncrude remains a sustainable, transparent and responsible oil sands operation that is supported by our stakeholders and the broader public.

People in this region, in Alberta and beyond enjoy the economic benefits of oil sands development but they expect us to protect the environment while doing it.”

Sustainability Management Systems

08.16.2012 @ Canadian Parliament Grounds

Pierre Gratton

President and CEO,
Mining Association of Canada

“Our association represents the mining industry on the national stage but we also bring together the industry to collectively address performance issues, reputation and social license. We started the Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) program in 1999. TSM is a performance-based risk management program that includes annual public reporting and third-party assurance of that performance. TSM is mandatory for our association's members. Syncrude provided a great deal of leadership in championing and developing TSM. Leaders like that make a difference. A lot of Syncrude staff contributed to developing TSM's protocols, particularly in tailings management, community outreach and Aboriginal relations, where Syncrude had already established best practices for the rest of the industry to emulate. We're always reviewing TSM to stay current.

It is a best practice program so we need to make sure they remain best practices as we learn new things, address changing priorities and continue to drive better performance.”

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