Finance And Operations

08.21.2012 @ Canadian Oil Sands Office

Marcel Coutu

Chairman, Board of Directors
CEO, Canadian Oil Sands Limited

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“We're seeing a larger number of socially responsible funds investing in our sector. In fact, on the strength of Syncrude's accomplishments, Canadian Oil Sands Limited (a 36.74% owner of Syncrude) is included on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, which measures economic performance, environmental performance, community investments, technology improvements and other factors to assess our sustainability performance. While Syncrude's record is strong, we remain committed to improving on our performance as technologies evolve.

Toward that, the Board's Safety, Health and Environment Committee is increasing its environmental focus and also seeking to learn more about stakeholder concerns.”

Economic Contribution

09.11.2012 @ Downtown Calgary

Dave Tuccaro

President and CEO, Tuccaro Inc.

“When I took over Neegan Development from the Mikisew Cree First Nation in 1990, the company was going broke because we had too much heavy equipment that wasn't being used. Dennis Love, who was Syncrude's mine manager, sent over a couple of people to evaluate our fleet and finances before changing the scope of our tree-clearing contract. It allowed us to survive and reorganize. Our relationship has grown since then and we have more than 200 employees working in different areas at Syncrude.

It showed real foresight from Syncrude's leadership to see our community as potential suppliers because the conventional oil patch in Alberta was closed to Aboriginals at that time.

We started the Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association to help others learn how to work with industry. Syncrude has supported the association by working with members on what they need to do to work at their sites. Both the industry and the communities have prospered because of this vision. That's win-win in my books.”

Research And Development

08.14.12 @ De-Sanding Pilot Test Facility

Robert Siy

Senior Research Associate

Ron Cleminson

Technology Development Associate

“At Syncrude, we've been able to introduce new technologies to make our operation and processes more efficient and more reliable. Oil sands hydrotransport, oil recovery from tailings and low energy extraction are some examples.

Stakeholders expect continuous improvement, so a current focus is to develop a new extraction process that gets consistently high bitumen recovery, uses less energy, produces less and cleaner tailings, and improves overall environmental performance.

We're exploring these step-out technologies that, if successful, could drastically change how Syncrude and the industry operate in the future. We're essentially writing a new chapter for the oil sands, and that is really exciting.”

“Our industry is unique, and so we've had to develop much of the equipment and process technology solutions ourselves. Taking something from concept to actual field implementation can involve years of work and millions of dollars, so it's important that our research and technology development teams work collaboratively to make the improvements we need as an industry to remain competitive and responsible.”

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